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Requiem voor een woonwijk

The documentary "Requiem for a residential area" is a narration in paralell in which the story of the making of the opera "Wake" is interwined with the story of Enschede, a city that rised from its ashes after a fire. In both storylines, the narration depicts the struggles : the struggle of the opera company that attempts to turn the play into a creative process, in which the cast is not just the words, the show, the sounds, etc. From "Wake" one should learn more than the underlying meanings and emotions that lays in this opera, the play has to live towards that. This battle is depicted, including the reading of the piece, by the cast in the presence of the director, the composer and the librettist. Struggles are shown too in the parallel narration through interviews and archival footage of the main persons involved or still in the process of the reconstruction of the city after the disaster. Together, the two storylines combine common themes over destruction and reconstruction, over moods, improvisation and perseverance, about how to insert an opera this story, and about the Opera "Wake" as the conclusion of a very intense process.

Direction, research & scenario: Ferri Ronteltap | Camera : Harm Griekspoor & Tjitte Jan Nieuwkoop | Sound: Kees van der Knaap |
Montage: Tim Roza | Geluidsnabewerking: Ranko Paukovic | Color: Laurent Fluttert |
Executive Production Jaap Rodrigues Pereira |
Production : Ronteltap Film Tv

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