Ferri Ronteltap

Ferri Ronteltap is an independent documentary & film director based in Rotterdam. 
Ronteltap has directed numerous independent features, short films and documentaries for Dutch Broadcasting Organization and different film festivals. After attending the Psychopolis Academy of the arts in the Hague, he started along with Frans Zwartjes and Jacob Axe, to approach the film industry. Ferri Ronteltap directed at the end of his first year the film “Richard”, which was selected by Hubert Bals for the IFFR Film Festival. Right after he directed four short fiction films “Expectations, Drie Fasig, If you know the end and Zondag all of which were premiered at the IFFR Festival. Ferri Ronteltap attended an internship at the Splien theatre followed by a collaboration with Paul van Soest on the theater performance “Merde”. Later on, his first documentary for television was filmed for the Dutch channel VARA: the story was about the football club Feyenoord. Many documentaries for Dutch broadcasters, business programs and social organizations followed.

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