In the township of Diepkloof Soweto there is a music school where the ''Buskaid Soweto String Project'' flourishes. In June 2004, four music teachers from the SKVR in Rotterdam went to Diepsloot, Soweto.

They played the violin with the children, the ensembles and the teachers and observed the students, pupils, and teachers inspirational work and how they deal with the competition of life: how they cope to fit the music practice in their everyday life and deal to keep education and music making at a home stand upright.

In addition to a report of this meeting, the film goes back in Rotterdam when the four teachers from the SKVR get back home, and struggle with their new impulses.

Documentary 50 min 2004/2006 IFFR / TV Rijnmond.
Music Matters is a research on the positive impacts that come from the making of music.

Directed, & Produced by Ferri Ronteltap

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Music Matters

Camera: Ferri Ronteltap & Tomas Stolk | Geluid: Kees van de Knaap & Tijmen van Vlier| Montage: Ferri Ronteltap | Productie assistent: Ilse Ronteltap | Producer: Paul Zeegers
On-line & kleur correcties: Ron Strötbaum

Met medewerking van:
The Buskaid Soweto String Project, Rosemary Nalden, Sonja Bas, Samson Diamont, Legego Mokonoto, Bafana Mthembo, Gilbert Tsoke. Stichting Buskaid Nederland, Paul Zeegers, Henk Huibregtsen, Stichting Kunstzinnige Vormgeving Rotterdam SKVR waarin participeerden: SKVR Calandstraat, SKVR Muziekschool Ringdijk, SKVR Muziekschool Oostzeedijk, Basisschool Driehoek, Paus Johannes School. Basisschool de Korf/OBS de Driehoek Stichting Welzijn Feijenoord Buurthuis de Dam, Art Hotel Rotterdam, Dienst Sport & Recreatie Rotterdam, RET, Hilton Rotterdam, Frankenland Schiedam.
Viooldocenten SKVR: Freek van Diest, Markéta Maas, Martin Berghout, Wilco de Bruijn,

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