The hall of the city theater, the living room of the city, gets 10,000 visitors a month who come to have a drink, for an appointment, to work or to look at the fourth stage of the theater: The Media Wand.

The Mediawand is a wall in the Hall of the Rotterdam Schouwburg 12 by 2.4 m with a high pixel resolution of 10500x2100 that may function well in all lighting conditions, and are also very enjoyable to watch. At the same time the screen functions as a focal point that is visible from the square and correctly draws attention and lures people inside. The Mediawand has three functions, it is : 1)an image and light carrier, 2)an interactive information channel, 3) and a medium for presenting programs.

Medialab RS:

Kees van Wezel / Bruce Moerdjiman / Sam Vanoverschelde / Yira Rodriguez Garcia / Roosmarijn Everts /  Mike Pfauth / Sofie Sitsen / Amanda Harput / Marilyn Sonneveld / Chris Verwoerd / Diana Ntahimpera / Wouter Ruoff / Angelo Faassen / Ivo Wessels / Sanne Van Der Schief / Pol Albers / Rutger van der Zwaag / Ravi Sandberg / Donovan Ketelaar / eindregie Ferri Ronteltap.

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