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Het water komt

A summer walk along the remains of the bombing in World War II in Zeeland Westkapelle always confuses me.

The creek, once created by the breakthrough of the dike, acts as a recreational lake. The tourists, especially German children I hear screaming full of bravery, always gets me thinking : how will the forner ihnabitants who witnessed the war will see to the fact that Westkapelle is now a popular seaside resort of German tourists?

It is in the Polderhuis Dyke and in the War Museum in Westkapelle that I first heard about the hidden history of the village which happened in the last year of World War II.

Westkapelle was the battleground used by German guns and meant to free the Schelde. A history full of misunderstandings in which the war was on the minds of the residents, occupants and Allies back into a decisive phase....

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