'Gewoon werken

portrait of the artist Dolf Henkes
During his artistic life Dolf Henkes, survived both physically and mentally, in two worlds that were geographically separated by the Meuse river. A distance that he bridged every day. The 'thread' in the film describes the journey that Dolf Henkes made almost every day from his home in Katendrecht: a Chinatown, prostitution district and entertaining neighborhood for sailors, to his studio at the Haringvliet in the city center.
40 min Rotterdam Museums / IFFR / TV Rijnmond.

Produced and directed by Ferri Ronteltap & Adrian Steel | Research & script Ferri Ronteltap & Adrian Steel | Camera: Tomas Stolk: Editing Erik van de Belt | Sound Finishing: Ranko Paukovic | Color Corrections: Laurent Fluttert | Produced by Ronteltap Film TV / Dock ~ site Productions (c) 2003/2004

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