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Despite the constitutional abolition of the caste system 60 years ago, caste based discrimination remains one of the most severe global human rights problems, affecting at least 260 million people, including 170 million Dalits in India alone. It can be concluded that along with the widespread poverty, the persistence of discrimination against Dalits is one of the most important challenges facing modern India and the global community!
The documentary represents an overall picture of a complex reality at the beginning of the 21st century and is considered to be an important tool in supporting the ongoing struggle of international Dalit solidarity networks in restoring human rights for Dalits. The film features daily activities of prominent Dalit human rights defenders in their quest to tackle caste discrimination, untouchability and impunity.

Directed by Ferri Ronteltap | Research & scenario Marinel Beumer, Ferri Ronteltap, Daan de Wit | Production Marinel Beumer, Daan de Wit, Rob Deko | Interviews Marinel Beumer | Camera Tjitte Jan Nieuwkoop | Editing Erik van de Belt | Executive Production Gülay Orhan | Produced by Fatusch Productions (c) 2008

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